We have been connecting people to rhythm consciousness for over 15 years, we believe rhythm is a powerful teacher for the modern world.  With the advent of technology our culture is now being driven by mechanical time, we have lost connection to natural rhythms, to our inner rhythm and along with that, disconnection from the core self and intuition. 


URC workshops are a doorway into the primal world of rhythm, an experience that has the ability to activate deep nuerological changes that re-awaken what can be called "the rhythmic body" an innate rhythmic intelligence that comes directly from the core of your being. Once triggered it expands perception and transforms how we play or listen to music, how we relate, move and live in the world, ultimately opening us to a flow that underlies all that is... a flow that is both still and moving at the same time! This flow is rhythm, it is now, it is pure intelligence!

URC workshops are beneficial for both professional musicians and non-musicians.


We offer workshops in Australia and New Zealand.


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